Easily Connect with High Yield DeFi

DeFi provides you with various opportunities to earn tremendous yields on your funds that aren’t available from traditional banks. Unbanked Yield helps connect you to DeFi yields whose rates vary daily in a simple, easy to understand way. Our goal is to let you maintain control of your funds through a Web3 experience, help you earn the highest yields possible, and make DeFi simple.


Our simple, easy to use yield product enables you to easily connect with the highest yields from around the world.

You maintain total control of your funds

You connect your own self-custodied Web3 crypto wallet to your Unbanked account – control is always in your hands.

Connect Your Bank Account From 200+ Countries

Unlike other yield offerings, we’re able to offer you an extra way to add additional funds to your wallet using your optional Unbanked bank account — whether ACH, Plaid, or wire in over 200+ countries. When you add additional funds, we send them as crypto to your custodial wallet, letting you earn even more yield. But bank accounts are not required, only optional.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Connect Wallet
(Step 1)

Connect your external Web3 wallet (different from your Unbanked wallet). Metamask and several other wallets will be supported. All you need in your wallet is ETH and/or USDT.

Add Funds
(Step 2)

Unlike other yield offerings, you can add additional funds sent directly to your connected wallet using your Unbanked bank account through ACH, Plaid, or wire in over 200+ countries.

Activate The Yield
(Step 3)

Choose your asset from your connected wallet and select to activate the yield. Then, within your web3 wallet, you accept the transaction and start earning yield. It’s that simple.


Once you have successfully activated your yield transaction, monitoring your returns is even easier — you will be able to monitor your rewards directly on your Unbanked Yield dashboard, showing your active gains.

If you ever wish to withdraw your funds, you can do so at any time directly back to your wallet.

Earn 20% More On Your Yield

In addition to all the great benefits offered by Unbanked Yield, we wanted to go a step further and build an even better bridge between DeFi and you. That’s why we’re giving extra perks to holders of our NFT. The Bankers NFT already gives holders free access to our lending and borrowing protocol, but now, these digital assets will also unlock 20% more rewards per $ activated.


What Could That Look Like?

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Unbanked Yield, yield-chart-mobile, , Unbanked, Unbanked Card, Crypto Card, Unbanked Debit Card, Crypto Debit Card, BlockCard

*Rates are variable based on market conditions and fluctuations

Know Your Risks

Virtual currencies are volatile in value. Virtual currencies are not backed by a central bank and are highly volatile with the potential for complete loss of value. This may affect investors as well as consumers using virtual currencies as a means of payment. Virtual currency volatility also may make securities offerings tied to these currencies unsuitable for most investors.

Virtual currencies can be stolen or otherwise subject to loss. There is the potential for consumers to incur financial losses if an account is not maintained in a secure manner. Virtual accounts or “wallets” – unlike funds deposited in U.S. banks or credit unions – are not insured against loss by the FDIC or NCUA. In addition, there is no way to reverse virtual currency transactions.

Yield products have inherent risks. Unbanked does not control the yield pool or the yield percentage. The Unbanked platform allows you to connect to DeFi Yields. Unbanked is not responsible the DeFi yields and you are NOT contracting with Unbanked to provide a Yield or return on your money.


Stay up to date with the latest information and get ready to participate in Unbanked Yield by creating your Unbanked account now.