LooksRare vs OpenSea: Find the Better Marketplace

In the blockchain collectibles and digital assets world, two platforms have emerged as frontrunners for buying, selling, trading, and storing these rare items: LooksRare and OpenSea. Both are renowned for their user-friendly interfaces, secure storage solutions, and vast collections of collectible items — from CryptoKitties to NBA’s Top Shot. 

But which platform is truly the better marketplace? In this blog post, we will compare LooksRare vs. OpenSea, and you can make an informed decision when deciding which platform to buy or sell your valuable digital assets.

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LooksRare: What Do You Need To Know?

LooksRare is an innovative NFT platform making waves with its cutting-edge technology. On the surface, LooksRare may look similar to other existing NFT platforms, but many unique features exist. 

The interface and marketplace are straightforward, yet powerful enough to take advantage of all the latest trends in NFTs. By leveraging smart contracts and blockchain technologies, users can trust that their creations will be stored securely on the Ethereum and Waves public blockchains. 

Additionally, the LOOKS token is used to purchase goods or services within the LooksRare ecosystem. Finally, through its rewards program, LooksRare helps new creators harness their potential by giving them a leg up in this exploding market. With such features at its disposal,  it’s no wonder LooksRare has become a go-to for NFT enthusiasts around the globe.

Advantages of Using the LooksRare Platform

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LooksRare is a leading NFT platform for creators and collectors. It provides users access to innovative video-based art, DApps, and unique digital items. LookRare connects creators and collectors securely, making it easier than ever to buy and sell one-of-a-kind digital possessions. 

The platform’s user experience and interactive features make virtual collecting more fun and rewarding, allowing users to explore digital art genres like never before. Additionally, LooksRare offers reward programs to let users benefit from their activity on the platform. With fast transaction times, secure storage of assets, and simple steps for claiming rewards or buying art pieces, LooksRare is quickly becoming the go-to NFT platform in the industry.

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Disadvantages of Using the LooksRare Platform

One disadvantage of using the LooksRare platform is that it does not provide users with a wide variety of platforms to buy and sell their assets. Additionally, the fees are relatively high compared to other NFT platforms. Moreover, customer service is often slow due to the complexity of the blockchain technology used by LooksRare. 

Furthermore, they have limited options regarding contract terms and customization features, making them more rigid than flexible. All these features combine to make LooksRare an unfavorable choice for many people wanting to use an NFT platform.

What About the OpenSea Platform?

OpenSea is another online NFT platform that has quickly become a popular destination for traders, collectors, and creators alike. Launched in 2017, the platform allows users to buy, sell, and auction off NFTs like digital art, music, sports cards, and gaming items. 

OpenSea uses the Ethereum blockchain to ensure secure transactions on its platform. It also offers extensive features such as advanced virtual asset portfolio management and protection from malicious third-party contracts. 

For creators looking to jump into the space of selling digital goods, OpenSea’s user interface makes it easy to start listing your creations. Thanks to its robust marketplace model, OpenSea has become one of the leading NFT platforms with various items on offer.

Advantages of using the OpenSea Platform

One significant advantage of OpenSea is that it helps users transact easily and securely. Thanks to its robust smart contracts and escrow protocols, users can freely exchange NFTs without enduring lengthy settlements or the risk of fraud. 

Moreover, using the OpenSea marketplace can benefit those who want access to various products. Suppliers list everything from virtual real estate to gaming characters on the platform, enabling customers to purchase items from different categories in one convenient location. 

OpenSea also offers tools for setting custom auctions and trading binary options. Whether you’re an experienced trader seeking an extensive collection of crypto assets or a new investor looking for essential trading features, the advantages of OpenSea are bound to impress.

Disadvantages of Using the OpenSea Platform

Despite its huge popularity, OpenSea has some drawbacks which must be considered, particularly the issue of high transaction fees. The NFT platform has a fee structure that charges a percentage of the buying or selling amount as their transaction fee. In addition, premium membership requires users to pay an additional work fee, which can add up. 

Moreover, it is difficult for small traders to compete in OpenSea’s market due to intensified competition from whales and other more prominent players who possess deeper pockets for higher bids. Finally, technical issues such as system crashes and slowdowns are common on OpenSea’s marketplace, further aggravating the situation for users of this NFT platform.

Looksrare vs. Opensea: Which Is the Best Marketplace?


Trying to decide which NFT marketplace is the best can be a tricky decision. On one hand, looksrare offers a straightforward approach with a simple user experience and good customer service options. 

On the other hand, there’s opensea, which provides an array of creative projects and discussion boards to help users stay connected throughout the buying and selling process. Both offer great options for those looking to buy or sell NFTs, but ultimately it comes down to preference. 

With its large selection of projects and community engagement opportunities, opensea might provide the most comprehensive experience for those looking for an NFT marketplace. Ultimately, deciding which NFT marketplace best suits you will come down to your needs and preferences when buying and selling digital items.

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How To Decide Which Platform Is Best for You?

If you’re looking for an excellent place to buy or sell your digital collectibles, LooksRare and OpenSea are both great options. However, picking between LooksRare vs.OpenSea when choosing which marketplace to use is difficult.