What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person who used the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin offers us the opportunity to operate and have currency within a decentralized system, unlike government-issued currencies. 

What is Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin is not physical, and everyone has access to the public ledger – which means it is completely transparent. Several computer power systems help verify all bitcoin transactions. 
  • Banks and governments don’t support bitcoin, and it isn’t generally accepted for many transactions. However, bitcoin is incredibly popular, and hundreds of other virtual currencies are referred to as Altcoins. 
  • Bitcoin is a collection of computers, known as nodes that run all of the codes and storage. 
  • Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. The balances of bitcoin tokens are all kept using public and private keys. Keys are long strings of numbers and letters that are linked through a mathematical encryption algorithm, which was used to create them. 
  • Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are stored in a ‘wallet.’ There are several wallet options, and you can pick the one that makes the most sense for your needs. 
  • Bitcoin is one of the first digital currencies that is used in peer-to-peer tech to facilitate instant payments. Miners are the people who process the transaction of the blockchain; they will need high powered computers to do this. The motivation to be a miner is the potential release of new bitcoin. 
  • Bitcoins can be accepted as payments, they are gaining in popularity, and the option to pay in bitcoin can be added to a website just like a PayPal button. 


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