NFTs That Performed the Best in 2021

NFT is growing astoundingly. People have already spent more than $2 billion on non-fungible tokens within the first three months of 2021. It has completely shifted our perception of art, music, and more. 2021 was a year in which only a few people knew about NFTs (non-fungible tokens). However, they gained more traction when the Collins Dictionary awarded the term NFT as the word of the year. This only meant good things for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

In July of 2021 alone, NFTs received over $12 billion in sales, which is higher than the cumulative $2 billion sales in the first quarter of 2021. 

NFTs and 2021

NFTs gained popularity with CryptoPunks, one of the first-ever digital art marketplaces in the world. While it was limited to art initially, it has since broadened its horizons with games, memes, music, fashion, and more. When it did that, the world as we knew it changed completely. 

As the market continues to grow, we must look at some NFT projects that performed excellently in 2021, so let’s get into it! 


This is an exciting form of a non-fungible token. It comprises 10,000 punk style characters generated by softwares and were first created in the year 2017. These characters are all unique and have unique features that set them apart. 

In October 2021, the costliest CryptoPunk was sold at the date of 124,457 Ether. At that time, the USD value of this NFT was $532 million. 

Axie Infinity

This NFT was introduced in 2018. It is a game that offers individuals a play-to-earn model. This way, when players play this game, they can earn real money. It’s exciting, isn’t it? In this game, players can fight creatures called the Axies in the game. Once this is done, players also can trade their creatures and earn a profit from them. The profit they make in this game is in cryptocurrency, which they can use however they like. 

NBA Top Shot

NBA players have their merch in the real world, so why shouldn’t they be in the digital world as well? This association together with Dapper Labs launched a collection of digital collectibles. The NBA Top Shot NFT comes with video clips of some of the best NBA moments from the games and is sold for the costliest price possible in the NFT market. 


As far as NFT sales go, OpenSea is leading the charts. On its platform, it offers every kind of digital asset one can think of. Users can easily sign up for free and navigate the platform until they see something they like. Its variety is rather extensive, and it supports creators and artists. It offers everyone access to an easy-to-use process if creating an NFT of their own is what they would like to do. 


If you’re on a hunt for an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, then Rarible is your best bet. It offers users incredibly diverse options to create, sell, buy NFT artwork, buy collectibles, buy NFT land, and other kinds of digital assets they like. If you want to get into more specifics, the crypto coin used by Rarible is RARI. It is used to vote on curated artwork, proposals, and moderate creators. 

Well, those are the NFTs of 2021, but what about the present? Here are the top 5 NFTs you need to know about going forward. 

McDonald’s: McNFT

You’ll periodically find McRib returning to menus all over the branches, but its most recent appearance was in the NFT world as McNFT. The brand McDonald’s successfully combined new-age tech brand nostalgia and created something viral in the form of a non-fungible token. To boost their popularity, the brand also chose one participant from more than 95,000 to win one unique McNFT. 

Warner Bros: Matrix Avatars

Well, it is the digital world, after all. And it was only a matter of time until The Matrix jumped on the bandwagon. Anticipating the release of its now released “The Matrix Resurrections,” the company behind the franchise, Warner Bros, teamed up with Nifty’s to create more than 100,000 unique NFT avatars sold for $50 each. The theme for the avatars is the same, while their appearances might be unique. They are all lost in the Matrix and, in 2-week’s time, will be given the option to choose between the red or the blue pill. 

Tarantino NFTs: Pulp Fiction

There is currently a lawsuit that might very well destroy this NFT, but it is rather popular in the NFT world while it is still here. What are the tokens, you ask? They have never seen scenes of the movie Pulp Fiction offered by the director himself for a price. Each scene also contains a secret that will only be accessible to the buyer, making them exclusive. Well, the buyer and the creator. 

It’s a fascinating world that we now live in. Indeed, this isn’t the end of the advancements we have seen. From NFT weddings to NFTs of random selfies selling for millions of dollars, there is no end to this creative madness. If you ask us, however, we would say that it is much needed to help the world around us grow wilder. The NFT world is so incredible because it offers the underdogs a chance they could never have in the real-world plagued with only the big names.

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