Crypto Staking: Easily Grow Your Crypto Holdings

Suppose you know anything about the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency or virtual currency. In that case, you likely know that people typically make money by investing in and trading their cryptocurrency over time. However, there is another great way that you can start to grow your current crypto holdings without having to spend money on purchasing more. A specialized process known as “staking” can be a fantastic way to use certain types of cryptocurrencies to help verify transactions on blockchain networks. Investors who have utilized this technique have seen massive crypto yields that significantly exceed the typically amounts available through standard crypto savings accounts. 

Please continue to find out exactly what the crypto staking strategy entails and what kind of benefits it could produce for your financial future within the cryptocurrency industry. Also, please consider exploring the range of quality services we offer here at unBanked, as well as our selection of expertly written educational articles covering everything you need to know about all things crypto!

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What is Crypto Staking, and How Does it Work?

To fully comprehend crypto staking, it helps to understand blockchain technologies and how they work. Blockchains are decentralized, distributed databases that allow users to collect “blocks” of recent transactions and submit them for inclusion into a historical record. Users whose blocks are accepted into the record are paid a transaction fee in the form of cryptocurrency. Crypto staking, in short, is a way of preventing fraud or errors within this process.

During staking, users proposing new blocks- or voting to accept a newly proposed block- can put some of their cryptocurrency on the line to incentivize everyone to play by the rules set forth on the blockchain. Generally speaking, the more crypto is at stake, the better a user’s chances of earning transaction fee rewards. The rewards for staking vary depending on the cryptocurrency used, the conditions or demand on the blockchain, and the staking method used. However, those considering this practice should keep in mind that if the proposed block contains inaccurate information, they can lose some of their staked cryptos in a process known as slashing. 

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How do You Stake Cryptocurrency?

There are multiple ways that people can start staking their crypto, depending on how much of a financial, technical, and research commitment they are willing to make. The first step of the process involves deciding whether they will be validating transactions themselves with their computer or delegating the validations to someone else who will take care of the legwork. Delegating the process means less work. However, it also means that the other users will earn a share of the rewards. 

From there, there are five easy steps to follow to start your crypto staking venture. These include;

  • Step 1: Choose your cryptocurrency to stake and a specific exchange to stake on (explore the list in the next section to find the best choice for you).
  • Step 2: Research and learn the minimum staking requirements involved with your chosen crypto.
  • Step 3: Download and create an account with the specific software wallet needed for your chosen crypto.
  • Step 4: Figure out the best hardware to use and ensure you have access to a constant, uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Step 5: Begin your crypto staking adventure!

If you’d rather not trust an exchange to make your staking decisions for you, you also have the option to join an already established staking pool that another user operates.

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Which Cryptocurrencies and Exchanges Allow Crypto Staking?

If you want to get involved in the process of staking cryptocurrency, you’ll have to ensure you’re working with specific crypto and exchanges that permit the practice since not all of them do. Thankfully, there are numerous platforms and types of crypto that you can access that make the staking process relatively quick and easy.

  1. Coinbase
  2. Kraken
  3. Binance.US
  4. eToro
  1. Ethereum (ETH)
  2. Cardano (ADA)
  3. EOS
  4. Tezos (XTZ)
  5. Cosmos (ATOM)
  6. Polkadot (DOT)
  7. Algorand (Algo)

What Kind of Returns Does Crypto Staking Offer?

As stated previously, the rewards for staking your crypto depend on a range of different factors, such as the crypto you use, the demands on the blockchain network, and more. That said, the rates typically offered by the exchanges that allow crypto staking can give you a relatively decent insight into the kind of returns you can expect to see from your efforts. For example, a report on the Binance.US exchange from 2021 suggested that the annual rewards for staking Algo typically ranged between 8%-10%. While returns for staking Algo on Coinbase typically yielded a 4% yearly yield. Meanwhile, ETH delivered a 4.5% annual yield on Coinbase. 

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Final Thoughts and Considerations to Keep in Mind Going Forward

Now that you have a more comprehensive understanding of the crypto staking process and what it can do to help bolster your crypto earnings, you can feel free to try the practice out for yourself! For even more technical information on navigating successfully within the wonderful cryptocurrency world, please don’t hesitate to explore the wide range of expertly written educational articles provided by our trusted professionals at unBanked today. Also, don’t forget to explore our range of specialized crypto banking services, which can give you a fast, easy, and effective way to buy, sell, and send crypto while earning you massive rewards in the process.

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