Best Crypto Exchanges and Platforms

Training cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity due to the rise in the value of bitcoin and other currencies over the years. While it can be intimidating at first, and scams do happen on crypto exchanges, if you choose the right platform to hold, buy, and sell your cryptocurrency, it can be easier than it has ever been before.

There are various places and ways to invest in cryptocurrency. Our list covers the best crypto exchanges and platforms of 2022. Let’s get to it!

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Here are our best picks for crypto exchanges and platforms in 2022.


We chose CoinBase as the number one crypto exchange for beginners. It features an easy-to-use interface, robust security features, and an extensive collection of educational material on all things crypto, from blockchain to volatility.

If you’re already familiar with crypto, the chances are you already know about CoinBase. This exchange is one of the most well-known and largest in the US, and its public market debut showed many the legitimacy of the crypto market.

The CoinBase platform features an accessible and comprehensive variety of crypto learning materials. It encourages users to use those resources through the CoinBase earn program — this program teaches people how to trade cryptocurrencies, and it rewards users with free crypto.

Finally, CoinBase’s security features are worth a mention. Lou uses two-factor authentication on its platform, protects crypto earnings of up to $250,000, and stores 98% of its customer’s crypto offline. These security features are why CoinBase is such a popular choice, despite the higher fees.


  • Intuitive interface & easy purchase process
  • A broad collection of crypto educational material
  • A wide selection of cryptocurrencies


Binance is the best crypto exchange for people looking for the lowest fees. This platform features one of the most generous pricing structures across every crypto exchange.

Gallo is the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide by trading volume and offers many advantages to its users. One of its most significant attractions is the platform’s competitive maximum 0.1% fee. And as your trading volume increases, the fees get lower and lower.

For investors who want to buy coins directly, you can purchase many of Binance’s cryptocurrencies with US dollars — saving you a significant amount and conversion fees. The platform’s variety of purchase options and discounts benefit many users who moved to Binance for their comprehensive market dashboards and a multitude of order types, like market orders, limit orders, and stop-limit orders.


  • Low conversion & trading fees
  • Advanced data graphs & charting tools
  • Fast trade execution is the best cryptocurrency exchange when it comes to security. It features multiple layers of protection against both cyber attacks and crypto fraud.

While any reputable crypto exchange has a solid cyber security infrastructure, really stands out in this area. There’s a reason the exchange is ranked number one in various lists for cybersecurity safety.

Related: Benefits of Cryptocurrency uses various techniques to keep its users cryptocurrency secure on the trading platform, including bank accounts for traditional currency, off-line cold storage for all crypto, and regular software peer review. The exchange also uses multi-factor identification, featuring biometrics, passwords, phone, email, and authenticator verification.

In addition, the platform has been successful through several penetration tests — simulated cyberattacks used to evaluate system security — and has regularly shown proof of the funds it holds over the years.

However, security isn’t’s only advantage. The platform offers a huge selection of cryptocurrencies — over 250 coins.


  • An outstanding cybersecurity infrastructure
  • A large selection of cryptocurrency assets
  • Low fees (if you fund your account with cash transfers)


BlockFi is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges for people looking to earn interest. This platform allows users to earn interest on their cryptocurrency and also borrow money with bitcoin as collateral.

While many crypto exchanges offer discounts and bonuses for high-volume trading, BlockFi instead chose to create financial products catering to more conservative traders. The main highlight of this exchange is its BlockFi interest account — this account offers up to 9.5% APY in monthly compounding interest to the investors who store their crypto with the exchange. It also lets users use their existing bitcoin as collateral for loans.

In addition to these financial products, BlockFi also features strong cybersecurity in an affordable fee structure. It charges withdrawal fees and spread fees, but does not charge transaction fees for crypto trading on its exchange. And to keep your data secure, BlockFi uses tools like allow-listing and two-factor authentication, letting users restrict or ban withdrawals to certain addresses to help avoid theft.

You should also keep in mind that decentralized finance products — along with services like BlockFi — do carry some significant risks related to the assets involved, compliance with regulators, and the software’s technology.


  • Regulated & based in the US
  • Earn interest payments on your crypto
  • No account or commission fees


We selected Bisq as the best-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange because it is an open-source platform that follows the ethos of bitcoin. It is entirely decentralized and does not limit currency support.

Formerly called Bitsquare, Bisq brought its easy-to-use interface and broad coin support of a centralized exchange into a decentralized environment. The platform utilizes open source software — this means that its design is publicly available — and its community of users fund the project through donations.

Bisq does not need to use third parties to conduct its cryptocurrency transactions, and it does not require users to submit any personal information before they trade on the platform. This exchange is an excellent alternative for bitcoin fans who want a wider variety of coins to trade. It’s not typical for these decentralized exchanges to support so many types of digital assets — including fiat currency — like Bisq does.

In addition, the exchange’s security features — like a security deposit system and multi-signature support — enhance the privacy and inherent safety of a decentralized exchange, Bisq ensures that both parties behave honestly and retain complete control of their crypto funds throughout the trading process.


  • A wide range of payment methods
  • A shot verification process
  • Support for a wide selection of fiat and cryptocurrencies

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