Choosing a Lucrative Career in the Blockchain Field

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our world. As this technology becomes more popular, so do jobs in the industry. However, with such a diverse range of options available, it’s not always easy to know which career path to take and if you’re doing something worthwhile. 

Here are some of the most prevalent job opportunities in the industry to help you decide if the Blockchain industry is right for you.

Who’s Hiring?

First, let’s take a look at who’s hiring. Knowing where to look and who significant employers are is a great head-start in your Blockchain career race:

  1. Industries/Legacies: These companies have been around for many years and often include banks, accountancy firms, and law offices. The new world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is quickly coming to a head. Small startups just entering the arena are no match for the resources available to these legacy companies. But without incorporating these technologies into their businesses, legacies may find themselves out of business sooner than later.
  1. Startups: Since its creation, blockchain has spurred many companies and products. ICOs have raised more than $3.7 billion in the U.S. alone from cryptocurrency startups on AngelList (a popular site for funding). 

There are a variety of startup types emerging. Some create wallets or exchanges where you can trade your crypto tokens, and others will be blogs or educational tools designed to support projects using cryptocurrencies.

Recently, these startups began paying well. Good news for early adopters who took unpaid positions at first but now have an opportunity to find steady work as they hone their skills over time while providing valuable contributions to burgeoning technologies.

  1. Tech Firms: These are some of the most threatened companies right now, and they are focusing on changing to a decentralized system. Since this growth will lead users away from central networks, these businesses must quickly adjust and prepare for decentralization or risk getting left behind in today’s digital world.

Thankfully for them, a company called HyperLedger looks to help these firms by giving them tools to implement blockchain technology in their everyday business.

  1. Governments: Governments are warming up to Blockchain for a number of reasons, like the fact that it is in high demand, and it could save them lots of money. For example, British student loan payments could be managed using Blockchain technology because the system that runs this process costs over $5 billion annually! Estonia has successfully used Blockchains by building what it calls “the world’s first digital nation.”

Career Opportunities

Now that we’ve seen just who’s hiring in the Blockchain field let’s now look at the most common positions available.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are programmers who make blockchain applications. These positions demand exceptional attention to detail, and they usually have a lot of experience with C++, Python, and Javascript. In-demand Blockchain developers will help companies explore the benefits of this new technology. They make companies understand how Blockchain works as easily as possible (as long as companies are willing to put in some time).

Legal Specialist

Blockchain will open up a new world of opportunities for law professionals, but they must be prepared. They should have excellent communication skills and understand international laws in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Blockchain industry. They must consider how the legal system deals with this emerging technology because there are going to be significant ramifications as more people adopt digital currency systems like Bitcoin.

Solution Architect

As a Blockchain Solution Architect, you are responsible for designing the perfect solution to meet your team’s needs. You will connect these components with other experts on staff, such as developers and network administrators, to create an innovative platform like no other. A Blockchain Solution Architect is the point-person for designing and connecting these solutions.

Quality Engineer

Within many development environments, there is a quality assurance engineer who checks the overall caliber of the project. In Blockchain developments, specifically, this person ensures that all operations are carried out in accordance with the highest standards and regulations. Essentially, they test and automate processes within blockchain frameworks that lead to excellent results for their customers or clients. If any mistakes happen down the line, these people need incomparable vision when it comes to payments. That is because even one small mistake can have consequences on everyone using the technology. Communication skills in this role must be outstanding too!

The job of a quality engineer is probably one of the most demanding careers in the Blockchain industry, but if cryptocurrencies have taught us anything, it’s that the rewards are well worth it.

Project Manager

This person is responsible for helping business owners find and work with experts who will provide Blockchain solutions to their technological problems. They need a solid understanding of traditional project management, as well as Blockchain technology. But this makes them uniquely qualified to bridge these two worlds together! Communication skills are paramount when dealing with non-technical personnel or stakeholders, so an open mind goes a long way towards solving any issue that arises on-site.

UX Designer

While the blockchain industry is still in its infancy, many industries and legacy institutions are adopting its technology. That creates new challenges for Blockchain UX designers to help establish trust while maintaining interest among regular users. 

In order to do their jobs well, Blockchain UX Designers must be meticulous about what they design, as it can have a profound effect on people’s lives outside of commerce transactions. They must be artistic because esthetics matter greatly when designing an app or website that will become part of someone’s daily routine. They must be hard-working since there never seems to be enough time in the day with all that needs doing around every corner, and they must be proficient at writing as UX design requires a great economy with words. That holds true even if they’re not working specifically within the blockchain industry itself.

Everyone Else

Of course, organizations cannot expect just their “Blockchain professionals” to know everything there is to know about these new technologies. Everyone — from executives on down — needs enough familiarity with them so they can understand what blockchain technology is capable of doing and how best to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Closing Thoughts

The world of Blockchain seems to be expanding at an incredible rate, and that means the career opportunities associated with it are just beginning. Whether you consider yourself a techie or not, there is an exciting opportunity available in this emerging field. So whether your future lies within cryptocurrency trading or software engineering, you would do well to explore what could become the hottest industry for decades ahead!

It’s exciting to see how fast the blockchain industry is progressing. There are so many new opportunities for career advancement, and it just keeps getting better every day!

The world of technology has never been more opportunity-filled than what we’re experiencing now within the Blockchain space. We at Unbanked feel like there will be no end in sight as long as innovators keep coming up with something that can outdo what they’ve created last time around — which seems inevitable given their track record thus far!