What Is Buying the Dip? Does It Work in Crypto?

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If you’ve spent any time in the stock market realm, then you may have at least heard of the phrase “buying the dip” before, but you may not fully understand what it means. Below, our team of financial experts at Unbanked intends to explore the concept, how it works, and how you can go beyond the stock market to leverage this well-known technique in the complex world of cryptocurrency. Please continue to find out what you need to know, and also consider exploring our wide selection of other educational crypto resources for even more essential crypto intel. 

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Buying the Dip: What Does it Mean, and How Does it Work?

“Buying the dip” is a relatively simple process, and it’s what its name suggests it is; purchasing an asset when its price has dipped (dropped). The goal is to acquire a decent amount of these assets for a lower than average price and then sell them to someone else for a profit once the market corrects itself and its worth rises again. The process is typically applied to the value of assets in the stock market. However, many people have also used the technique to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. While not an automatic key to success, several people have seen profitable returns due to long-term uptrends that occurred after specific crypto price dips.

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Is Buying the Dip an Effective Crypto Strategy?

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Buying the dip is a good strategy that works in a wide range of contexts, from the stock market to cryptocurrency and even to Black Friday sales! For example, say you buy a new TV you don’t need for 25% off and then sell it for full price to make a profit. For a crypto example, say that you notice a particular coin that’s been slowly rising in value or remaining steady over an extended period suddenly dips in value. If you’ve seen dips like that before in its performance history and believe the value will go back up, you can leverage the dip to get a lot of the crypto at a lower price before eventually selling it for a profit.

That said, it should be evident that leveraging this technique with cryptocurrency and the stock market is much more complex than taking advantage of some Black Friday deals. There are several critical factors you’ll need to consider, and also take the time to monitor specific crypto trends closely to have the best chance at success. For example, are you going to buy during little dips or big dips, and when will you sell if prices start rising again? 

These factors need to be weighed continuously throughout your buying and selling process. However, even when taking all of these precautions and more, there is no guarantee everything will work out. While the practice is a decent crypto strategy, it comes with some significant risks that can quickly turn buying the dip into the phrase “catching a falling knife.” 

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Solid Methods of Buying the Dip in Crypto

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Now that we’ve gone over the basics regarding the “buy the dip” strategy within the cryptocurrency realm, let’s briefly explore some of the best methods you can leverage when applying the practice.

Buy the Dips During an Uptrend

An uptrend is when a crypto asset’s price generally moves upward, but it can also feature an array of small dips during said trend. Buying the dip during an uptrend dip means there’s a high chance the coin’s value will go up again, allowing you to collect a decent profit by selling the crypto for more than what you paid for them.

Buy the Dips of Well-Established Cryptocurrency

Popular, well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) typically feature outstanding performance track records and are well known for surviving crashes and significant market fluctuations. If you notice these coins start to dip in value, it may be an excellent idea to act quickly and purchase some for yourself since there’s a high likelihood that they’ll recover from the drop in value. 

Buy the Dips to Enter the Crypto Staking Network

Suppose there’s a particular type of crypto you’ve wanted to acquire for some time but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Waiting for a dip can provide you with an excellent opportunity to enter that specific crypto network. Waiting for a drop can help you get your hands on more coins for a better price. You may then be able to sell the coins for a decent profit later on.

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Final Factors for Crypto Traders to Keep in Mind

Our team of specialized crypto experts at Unbanked hopes that the above information helps you better understand the exciting strategy of buying the dip. We also hope that it’s taught you at least a little about how you can apply it to your own crypto approach in the future. And if you’d like the power to take more control of how you buy, sell, and send your cryptocurrency, please consider exploring our selection of top-quality crypto services. We allow you to earn up to 6.38% crypto rewards when you spend your crypto through us!