Unbanked Joins Visa Ready for Fintech Enablement

At Unbanked, we’re passionate about building solutions that connect traditional enterprise and banking systems with blockchain–and we’re deeply committed to building the most robust infrastructure possible in order to transform financial services as we know them today.

But to build something life-changing, you need to partner with the best: that’s why we’re so thrilled to announce that Unbanked has been certified as a Visa Ready partner for Program Management within the Visa Fast Track Program.  Our organization was already approved in 2020 as a Fast Track Enablement Partner for Card Issuance, but with this new VISA Ready certification, we will now be able to more effectively expand our capabilities to our partners. 

Unbanked currently provides infrastructure for many popular cryptocurrency-powered cards available today, making it faster and easier for fintechs to leverage Visa’s global payments network and introduce new crypto-friendly payment experiences.  Today, partners of Unbanked are given a seamless way for their customers to interact with cryptocurrencies, using linked debit cards and bank accounts which can act as an easy gateway from Dollars to cryptocurrency.

We could not be more excited that Visa has certified us as a Program Manager in its Fast Track Program, We pride ourselves on offering a full-suite issuance, compliance, and ongoing management service for Visa cards linked to digital assets. Since Visa is laser-focused on championing the fintech community to drive the next generation of digital payments, this partnership will open new doors for meeting the needs of today’s consumer and continue to contribute to the betterment of the global payments ecosystem. 

We are excited to press forward and continue expanding our capabilities for our partners to include additional Visa products in the future, such as credit cards, and can’t wait for the Unbanked community to see what we come up with next. 

Onward and upward!