The Blockcard Bailout Plan

We’re launching our very own bailout program for all Blockcard Bank Account users!

THE RECAP: We launched the Buy Crypto feature as part of our Blockcard Bank Accounts because we couldn’t find a place where traditional financial products and cryptocurrency could meet in a simple, frictionless way. So we built one! Now you can buy digital assets right from your Blockcard Bank Account and have them delivered quickly to the wallet of your choice. We’re partial to the Blockcard wallet of course, but we might be biased. 

THE NEWS: We’ve seen what passes for a government bailout these days, and we think we can do better. Now, for the month of October, we’re rewarding our Bank Account users just for continuing to do what you’re already doing. When you buy crypto from your Blockcard Bank Account, we’ll send you 2% back in TERN on each of those transactions, directly to your Blockcard debit card, for you to spend anywhere Visa is accepted.

Scary clown holding a cardboard sign that reads Where's My Bailout?

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to getting a bailout on your crypto purchases, we’ll also give you 2% back when you make a deposit to your Blockcard debit card from your Blockcard Bank Account. So every time you transfer funds from your bank account to your Blockcard, which we know you’re already doing, we’ll give you TERN back! 

The breakdown: 

For any of the qualifying transactions (buying BTC or TERN, or making a deposit to your Blockcard wallet from your Blockcard Bank Account), we’ll give you 2% back in TERN. Here’s what that shakes out to: 

Transaction Amount Bailout Amount
$500 1,250 TERN (~$10 estimated)
$1,000 2,500 TERN (~$20 estimated)
$2,000 5,000 TERN (~$40 estimated)
$5,000 12,500 TERN (~$100 estimated)
$10,000 25,000 TERN (~$200 estimated)
$50,000 125,000 TERN (~$1000 estimated)*


*Since TERN fluctuates in price – we value all TERN at $.008 when evaluating the reward price.

Small white parachutes against a blue sky with clouds that are carrying the Blockcard Logo

How to get your Blockcard Bailout:

  1. Activate your Blockcard Bank Account (if you haven’t already!) 
  2. Do any (or all!) of following in the month of October: 
    • Buy $BTC from your Blockcard Bank Account
    • Buy $TERN from your Blockcard Bank Account
    • Make a deposit to your Blockcard Wallet from your Blockcard Bank Account

At the beginning of November, we’ll calculate your total transaction amount and send 2% of that total directly to your Blockcard wallet, for immediate spending power!


Get your bailout now!


The fine print: 

The Blockcard Bailout is only available to users in the US who pass KYC and activate their Blockcard Bank Account and Debit Card. Bailout payments will be deposited directly into user’s Blockcard wallets in TERN during the first week of November 2020. Ternio reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel this program at any time. 

*Maximum bailout is 125,000 TERN. 


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