The Bankers NFT Drop from Unbanked

The Bankers NFT drop is coming soon! Unbanked has commissioned a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain from a successful NFT artist. This artist’s last NFT drop has reached a market cap of over 12,000 ETH with select pieces selling for 130 ETH.

Want to meet the artist?  Watch the exclusive interview

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10,000 Banker NFTs Created

  • 5% dropped to existing TERN/UNBNK holders* + Banker marketing tasks
  • 94% allocated to public sale dutch auction.
  • 1% to Unbanked team members

*TERN is the existing crypto asset that is held in the Unbanked dashboard.  We’re in the process of rebranding to UNBNK.  They are the same asset.

Added Value

Owning a Banker will not only give you ownership of a rare digital collectible but comes with added benefits

  • Shared IP Rights. Ternio LLC ( will retain all rights to all Bankers in order to ensure freedom to create value and grow the ecosystem in the future.  This includes collaborating with other brands, partnerships, licensing, etc.  When an individual purchases a Banker, the IP also transfers over with any rights or licensing of the intellectual property to the new Banker owner.  This allows that asset holder to monetize it’s ownership of the Banker however they want until the Banker is transferred or sold to another party. 

Price and Drop Date

We’re targeting a mid-December drop, but that is subject to change.   The Bankers drop will be similar to a dutch auction.  This means we will solicit bids and start with the highest bid first to initiate the Banker sale.  The price will continue to decline until all Bankers are sold out or the floor price is reached. The starting bid and floor have not been announced yet and we will be asking for feedback from our community in UNBNK Discord on this. Please join and share your thoughts. 

How to get into the Banker drop – Everyone – 94% of drop

  1. Register for an account at   We will email everyone as soon as the drop is open and you can initiate your purchase. 
  2. Make sure you have created a Crypto Profile in your Unbanked Dashboard and your ETH address is listed in the profile.  You can find directions on setup here.  You may qualify for a free drop (read more below).
  3. An email will be sent to you when the drop is open with a URL to mint. 

How to get into the Banker drop – TERN/UNBNK holders – 5% of drop

  1. If you haven’t already, register for an account at   
  2. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have created a Crypto Profile and listed your ETH address
  3. Make sure you have balance in your dashboard of over $100.  We will be taking a snapshot of all holders in the coming weeks. 
  4. If you are selected, we will drop a Banker to your ETH address in your Crypto Payment Profile.  If you are selected and do not have a Crypto Payment Profile setup with ETH address added, then we will move on to the next person. 
  5. An email will be sent to you when the drop is open with a URL to mint.

Unbanked will also be holding contests on social media to help raise awareness for the Bankers NFT drop.  You can qualify for the airdrop by participating in these contests and tasks which will occur on a daily basis.

The drop occurs on [DATE/TIME TBA]

Having an account will be the best way to get timely notifications of the Banker NFT drop.  We will also notify people on social media when the drop has occurred, but that will only occur after all emails have been sent out. 

30 min advanced notice

We want to support those customers who actively use Unbanked products.  Therefore those with an active crypto balance of $250 or more will receive an advanced email notification on the drop with a link. 

  • Have an account on Unbanked with an active crypto balance of $250 or more.  Your balance will fluctuate so it is recommended to deposit a slightly higher amount. 
  • Those with a $250 or more balance will receive an email 30 minutes before the drop opens.  We will take a “balance” snapshot a few days before the drop.
  • When the email is sent you will receive a URL where you will be able to MINT your Banker NFT. 

Regular Notice

Those with an Unbanked account, but without an active balance.

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  • An email will be sent to all Unbanked emails 30 minutes after the Advanced email is sent. 
  • You are not required to have an active balance with us, but you do need an Unbanked account so that we can email you.
  • When the email is sent you will be able to MINT your banker NFT at the URL provided. 

TL;DR Anything above

We recommend that you read everything above, but we know it’s a lot of information. 

  1. 9,400 Bankers are going up for sale
  2. 500 Bankers airdropped to people with a balance of $100 or more on AND their Crypto Payment Profile setup. 
  3. You can also qualify by participating in daily marketing contests and tasks by following on social media. 
  4. Drop occurs mid-December, but we will provide a specific date and time as we get closer.
  5. You can get a 30 minute advanced email to purchase by keeping a $250 balance in your dashboard.  You will qualify for a potential airdrop, but if you aren’t selected you’ll still get the email 30 minutes before anyone else.
  6. Anyone with an account without a balance will receive an email with the drop purchase link 30 minutes after the advanced notification. 
  7. We will update our social media when the Bankers drop goes live if you don’t want to sign up for an account.  Make sure you’re following and 

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