Capitalize on 2 Billion Stellar Lumen ‘Space Drop’ With BlockCard!

Take advantage of the 2 billion Stellar Lumens ‘Space Drop’ on Keybase with your BlockCard!

Yes, you read that correctly. 2 Billion Stellar Lumens (XLM) will be given out to the users of the encrypted social networking service Keybase[1]. With Keybase you are able to prove your online identity on a wide variety of platforms, such as Twitter, GitHub, Reddit and others. In addition, Keybase provides every device you own with an encryption key. If one of your devices gets hacked you have the possibility to remove that device so others will not be able to send messages to your hacked device anymore. Last, Keybase created its own file sharing system called KBFS. Files can be uploaded to two different folders, either public or private, which will be signed by you and have end-to-end encryption.

So, why would Stellar partner up with Keybase and do a 2 billion XLM space drop? Probably because the service is awesome for all Stellar enthusiasts. Keybase integrated a handy set of tools in their service, such as sending Lumens (XLM) between friends. You can also send Lumens to the phone numbers of friends, even if they do not have a Keybase account. The Stellar team started working with Keybase, because they support privacy, security and individual independence. The user base of Keybase is growing, with over 300,000 users today – making it a great method to further boost the adoption of Stellar.

You are probably wondering what do I have to do to get in on this and what does this has to do with Ternio? When you get your space drop you can easily send Lumens (XLM) to your BlockCard and immediately start spending your newly gained XLM from the program! Want to know if you’re eligible? Follow these easy steps and get in on the next XLM space drop (next distribution round is scheduled on October 15th) and start spending with your BlockCard!

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Note that to qualify for the space drop you either need a Keybase account which has a registration date of before the announcement (before September 9th), or a new Keybase account with a connected GitHub or Hacker News account (which also must have been created before the announcement). If you have either of the two you are good to go.

Picture 1 If you did not have an account for Keybase for, let’s start by creating one via the website.

After you have created the account you will find a button with “Action required”, click on this one to install the Keybase client, choosing your operating system.

Picture 2

Once you have installed the Keybase, you will have to sign in with your username and password and create a name for the operating system you are signing in with. After signing in make sure to verify your e-mail address. Now we can get on with the next steps to become eligible for the XLM space drop.

Press the wallet button and you will get the following screen:

Picture 3

Press “Open your wallet” and make sure you read the text to familiarize yourself. Argh, who am I kidding, we all know you are not going to read it anyway… Just wait 6 seconds and click on “Yes, I agree”. You will now be in the next menu where you can join the space drop!

Picture 4

Once you press on “See if you qualify” you will get a pop-up menu showing you 3 steps you must have done:

  1. 3 Active devices or paper keys
  2. Old enough Keybase, GitHub, or Hacker News account
  3. A beautiful smile

Well, we know for certain that we have already passed 1 out of those 3 steps and let’s continue with the remaining two!

First on the to do list is to have 3 active devices or paper keys. You will already have one active device (the one with which you are doing all of this). Go to the devices tab and you will find the button to “Add device or paper key”, as seen below.

Picture 6

Once you press the button you will be prompted with three options. For the purpose of this overview we will add a paper key twice. Make sure to write down your unique paper key as it will only be shown to you once. When you have done this process twice you have completed 2 out of the 3 steps necessary to be part of the space drop.

The last step requires you to prove your identity and verify that your GitHub or Hacker News accounts were created before September 9th. In the main menu of your Keybase client you have the option to “prove your identities”.

Picture 7

Picture 9

Insert your GitHub username (or Hacker News) on the next step and you will be prompted to create a new public gist called Copy the text and press create gist now, you will be forwarded to your Github account, where you will have to create the gist.

Picture 10

Go back to the Keybase client and press the posted button and check for proof. Once done, your GitHub profile will be verified. Go back to the wallets tab and check whether you qualify for the airdrop now. If you followed these steps correctly, the prompt will show that you qualify and that you can join the space drop now. Congratulations on being part of the (at this time of writing) 43,375 people registered and qualified for the next round.

Picture 11
The final (and best) step is using your newly gained XLM by sending them to your BlockCard and start spending! Once you have gotten your first XLM from the space drop go back to the wallet tab and press “Send” in the top right. You will be prompted with a new menu, where you can insert your BlockCard details. Both the encrypted note and public memo are not necessary to send your XLM to your BlockCard.

To find your BlockCard details, you can log in to your personal BlockCard account via the website ( and right away you will find a menu with all accepted coins. Just press the XLM logo and you will get a new screen with your wallet address

Picture 2

Picture 3

Once you insert your wallet address into the Keybase menu and press send, your funds will show up in your BlockCard account almost immediately and you will be ready to go! Spend your free space drop XLM everywhere VISA is accepted and boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies even further.

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