How to Spend Ethereum (ETH) Using the BlockCard Visa Debit Card

Ethereum is not only the second-largest cryptocurrency network after Bitcoin, but is also home to the largest array of decentralized applications (DApps) and the booming DeFi market. And all of these applications use ether (ETH) as their transactional currency. As a result, members of the Ethereum community have started the meme “ETH is money.”

In many ways, that is a valid statement. While ETH does not have Bitcoin’s “hard money” attributes, you can spend ETH inside and outside the Ethereum ecosystem, making it a viable digital payment option.

In this article, you will discover a list of retailers and merchants that accept ETH and learn how to spend ethereum anywhere where Visa is accepted.

Where Can You Spend ETH?

While ETH does not have anywhere near the same level of merchant acceptance as its predecessor, bitcoin (BTC), there are hundreds of merchants and online retailers that accept the cryptocurrency.

Let’s look at some of the most prominent vendors that accept ETH.

  • CheapAir is an airline and hotel booking platform that was one of the first to accept digital currency back in 2014. In 2019, the California-based travel booking company also started to support Ethereum payments as well as a number of other altcoins.
  • Destinia is a market-leading online travel booking platform that enables travelers to get great deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. And fortunately, for Ethereans, Destinia also supports ETH as a payment method. In fact, the crypto-friendly Spanish company accepts six cryptocurrencies on its platform.
  • Overstock is an online retail giant that was among the pioneers in digital currency acceptance. The Utah-headquartered company started accepting ETH payments in August 2017, three years after it first launched support for BTC.
  • Travala is another popular travel booking platform that has taken the forward-looking step to accept digital currency payments. The “cryptocurrency friendly accommodation booking platform” enables crypto users to book flights, hotels, and more using a wide range of digital currencies.

According to, there are over 1,000 online retailers and merchants that accept ETH as a payment option. However, that list does not suffice to use ETH as money in everyday life.

Fortunately, BlockCard Crypto Visa Card allows Ethereans to spend ETH anywhere where Visa is accepted.

How to Spend Ethereum Anywhere Visa is Accepted


Spending Ethereum is incredibly easy when you are a BlockCard holder. The BlockCard Crypto Visa Card allows you to deposit ETH that you can then spend in US dollars anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

But before you can pay for goods and services using ETH, you first need to sign up for a BlockCard.

The registration process is as follows:

  • Access
  • Next, click “Register Now” and input your personal information, including your name, phone number, email address, and physical address.
  • Then, check your inbox and click on the activation link sent to you by BlockCard.
  • Now, you have access to your BlockCard dashboard and wallet.

To receive your BlockCard Visa Debit Card, you also need to pass the mandatory KYC check. Fortunately, BlockCard has made the KYC process exceptionally easy.

  • To get your Visa Debit Card, you need to select which card you want (Virtual, Plastic, and Metal), and click “Next” to complete the KYC.
  • Once you have passed the KYC, you will receive your physical card in the mail within days. Your virtual card, however, will be available immediately to make crypto-funded card payments.

Blockcard dashboard

Finally, to pay using ETH, you need to fund your BlockCard by sending ETH to your account. To do that, click on “Deposit” and choose Ethereum.

Make a deposit to your Blockcard.

Then, a popup will appear with your BlockCard-linked Ethereum address and QR code for you to send your ETH to.

ETH wallet address screen shot.

The ETH you send to your BlockCard account will then be turned into the platform’s native digital currency, TERN, which can then be spent in US dollars using your BlockCard Visa Card.

You can now spend ETH seamlessly using your BlockCard at over 46 million merchants in over 200 countries.

“Our mission at BlockCard is to create a bridge between old finance and new finance to enable our customers to benefit from the best of both worlds. Using the BlockCard Visa Debit Card, Ethereum users can go out into the world and use ETH to pay for goods and services by using a globally-accepted Visa card. We believe that crypto debit cards are one of the first steps to merging the legacy financial system with the crypto-powered future of finance.”

– Ian Kane, Co-Founder & COO at Ternio

If you want to start spending Ethereum anywhere Visa cards are accepted, sign up for a BlockCard Bank Account for free today!


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