Earn Crypto: How to Get Up to 6.38% in Crypto Rewards Using BlockCard

Discover how you can earn up to 6.38% in crypto rewards using BlockCard.

TERN: The Backbone of BlockCard Rewards

To understand how BlockCard can offer such high crypto rewards, it’s important to understand the role of TERN, the cryptocurrency that powers the BlockCard ecosystem.

TERN is Ternio’s digital currency and the payment token used on all Ternio products. Ternio is the company behind BlockCard.

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Although BlockCard accepts deposits from a variety of digital assets, TERN plays a far more essential role in the BlockCard ecosystem due to its designation as the default spendable asset. Any cryptocurrency sent to a BlockCard account will automatically convert to TERN. Once a user decides to “spend” their TERN, it’s instantly converted into the appropriate amount of $USD for the size of the purchase. Having the ecosystem revolve around a singular asset allows for seamless and hassle-free operations.

TERN: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

BlockCard and its commitment to innovation have created one of, if not the most, rewarding card rewards program on the planet. With the help of staking, BlockCard can offer an incredible 6.38% “crypto-back” on nearly all purchases, including gas, groceries, phone bills, travel, subscriptions, and more.

In addition, BlockCard has no limitations on the amount of reward earnings, giving users unlimited rewards potential. As a comparison, the average cashback rate for traditional credit cards is a measly 1.5%.

BlockCard puts emphasis on smart consumer decision making when it comes to both spending and saving money. The staking rewards program promulgates that mission statement by automatically depositing TERN rewards back into the user’s staking pool. The stake cycle lasts for 30 days, during which users will earn rewards that will remain locked until the end of the cycle. Once the cycle is over, the rewards are placed into the staking pool to help users grow their crypto rewards. As users increase their staking pool, their rate of return will continue to increase up to a maximum of 6.38%.

BlockCard Rewards: What Is it and How Does it Work?

Cashback credit cards have jostled for market dominance in recent years, offering a range of rewards that typically peter out at 3%. BlockCard, however, has upended the entire system by introducing its own version of a cashback rewards program. The critical difference is that BlockCard utilizes the power of cryptocurrency to enhance its rewards offerings, resulting in an astounding 6.38% crypto-back rewards program.

Staking to Earn Rewards

BlockCard partnered with Ternio to help make their crypto rewards card dream a reality. Ternio’s digital currency, TERN, functions as the default spendable asset if you’ve opened a BlockCard account. TERN is also the only crypto vehicle from which to earn staking rewards. TERN Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to gain access to rewards features on BlockCard, based on the amount of TERN you stake.

The number of TERN necessary to stake for the desired return

The image above illustrates the number of TERN necessary to stake for the desired return. As you spend more on your BlockCard, the more TERN you’re rewarded.

Spend Money to Make Money

Users can earn rewards from almost any merchant as they purchase goods and services with their BlockCard. The earned rewards are then automatically deposited into your current “staked” pool of TERN. This process allows for compounded rewards over time, and it means that users will see their status upgraded to higher return rates as they spend more.

Withdrawing and Using Rewards

Although many credit card companies offer some type of rewards program, it’s universally known to be an incredible hassle when trying to actually use earned rewards.

BlockCard wanted to ensure that all customers had total access to their rewards so that they do not go unused. Users can withdraw staked TERN at any time, and the associated balance will be credited to the BlockCard Spendable Balance account at the beginning of the following month.

For example, if you withdraw in the middle of April, you will receive your withdrawn amount on May 1.

How to Sign Up to Earn Crypto Rewards in TERN

Blockcard My Rewards dashboard.

To take full advantage of the BlockCard crypto rewards program, users will need to take additional steps once they have set up an account. The incredibly easy and straightforward process can be completed in four simple steps:

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  1. Fund your BlockCard account using the “Deposit” page within your BlockCard account.
  1. After your funds have appeared in your “Spendable Balance,” you can decide how much to stake.
  1. Click the “Rewards” page within your BlockCard account and choose the tier that best fits your goals. You must have the corresponding amount of TERN under your “spendable balance” to be approved for the tier you select. For example, you can only select 6% if you have 145,000 TERN or more in your BlockCard account.
  1. Once selected, your TERN will be deducted from your spendable balance and staked until you choose to withdraw your TERN.

To take advantage of the best crypto rewards program on the market, sign up for a BlockCard account today!

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