Dollar-Cost Averaging: How to Apply DCA to Crypto

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Welcome to the Crypto World! Making your first step into crypto investments can come with some pretty hard choices. 

Luckily, our hero, DCA, or Dollar-cost averaging, is here to do a lot of the challenging work for us, making it a super strategic way for any novice trader to get going. Dollar-cost averaging will help guide you daily through the ups and downs and keep you focused on putting and dividing money into the right future investments. So let’s start preparing for the power of profit! 

How to Invest Using Dollar-Cost Averaging

When talking about dollar-cost averaging, the strategy is pretty straightforward. You can regularly invest the same amount of money in the same stock, say even every month on a specified date. You don’t have to obsess over the market’s constant ups and downs with dollar-cost averaging. Keeping on track is great, but try to relax and ride with the fluctuations naturally without worry or action.

The number of shares you buy monthly will vary depending on the price of shares at the time it was bought. Remember, when the value of your shares purchased each month rises, your money will buy fewer shares per dollar invested. So when it goes down, that same amount will get you more shares. Hopefully, the average cost per share will balance itself over time, unlike if you manually tried to time your investments based on your strategy, skills, and emotions.  

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DCAs and their benefits

Here are some of the benefits of a scaled plan with dollar-cost averaging in action to maximize those profit margins. 

Cost Reduction

First and foremost, in investing, keeping initial costs down is critical. Implementing this simple DCA strategy ensures that you will buy more security than if you had purchased them when prices were high. In fact, purchasing market securities when prices are declining is the best way to ensure a higher return on investment. 

Reduce Risks

DCA reduces investment risk, preserving the capital to avoid a market crash. It keeps your money safe, which offers some flexibility when you are managing your investment portfolio

In short, using dollar-cost averaging keeps you at risk for a minimum loss of profit and the possibility of a maximum gain. DCA also avoids individual lump-sum investing, which can artificially and dramatically affect security prices and cause an eventual downslope. 

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Find Balance

In a dollar-cost averaging strategy plan, disciplined spending allows for disciplined savings. There is a natural balance when you add the same amount of money regularly, and much more effective than if you attempted to balance your portfolio manually. 

Ride out those market downturns like a rollercoaster! Investing periodic smaller amounts in declining markets can be just the thing needed to create long-term value. Enjoy the experience as you ride all the way up to the top.

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Good Timing

There is no perfect timing when dealing with investments, and there is no secret magic trick that investors can pull out of their sleeves to produce a profit at any given moment. Investing can be risky at any time, and it is challenging to predict what the market will do next. When entering dollar-cost averaging to the rescue, DCA spending allows timed smaller sums at a specified time instead of a high-risk, more considerable lump sum leading to an even larger loss in the future. 

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DCA spending helps you manage emotional investing too. You can now focus your energy and thoughts on the essential tasks at hand and eliminate acting upon temporary bad news or blown up online hype to affect your decision-making. 

It’s no surprise that money and emotions go hand in hand. We work hard for it, protect our families with it, and plan our futures upon it. Following your investments too closely, however, can make things worse. It can actually cause more stress, worsen health issues, negatively affect relationships, and encourage you to make an expensive mistake in the case of investing. 

How to apply DCAs to cryptocurrency

But how do you use dollar-cost averaging in crypto? Firstly, choose a set amount of money you want to be invested in your preferred crypto. Do this repeatedly over an assigned time. No need to time the market, and no risk of overusing funds when it peaks. The key is choosing an affordable investment, applied, let’s say monthly, no matter what the price of the assets at the time.

Work with time and not against it. The market has an erratic and sometimes volatile nature, changing drastically in seconds. DCA strategy is the way to go with the ever-changing tide without all the risk. Putting yourself all in cryptocurrency is a high-risk situation, allowing for a slow climb. And letting the numbers grow after a long time seems to be the way to survive in this new digital world.  

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The benefits of using DCAs with cryptocurrency

For the same reasons, DCAs can benefit from any traditional investment. This is extra true for cryptocurrencies, so you don’t fumble when the price of an asset falls. Generally speaking, keeping your cryptocurrency investments under five percent of your entire portfolio is recommended

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When it comes to crypto investing, there are a few options available. Ranging from short-term options like trading to investing crypto in future saving plans. The best part of DCA crypto spending is that you are spreading out the investment over time, and as the market dips, you dip along with it. Get more coins for your money when the market takes a drop. 


DCA crypto spending keeps you buzzing on the blockchain. What’s the saying? Does the patient mouse get the cheese? By utilizing dollar-cost averaging in your crypto investments, you can find a real way to navigate the world of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is growing every day and can be a real solution for an outdated banking system and investing. 

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