$ 0.554218
Nexus (NXS)
$ 0.554218
0.00001008 BTC
$ 48,923,600
Volume (24h)
$ 1,327,812
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
78,000,000 NXS

Nexus (NXS)

$ 0.554218

What is Nexus?

Nexus (NXS) is a digital currency coin developed on their proprietary 3D blockchain (3DC). The 3D blockchain makes use of three consensus channels to make it secure, scalable and efficient. The three consensus channels are implemented through TRITIUM (trust staking protocol), AMINE (level-1 sharding channels) and OBSIDIAN (Level 3 sharding cubes). The Nexus team is also working on the quantum resistant 3D blockchain software. Using 3D blockchain consensus protocol, Nexus reaches consensus every 50 seconds on average. Nexus coin is available to use after 6 confirmations. The total supply of Nexus will be 78 million and will be achieved in 10 years. After 10 years, the currency will inflate by 3% each year. Nexus claims to be one of the most secure blockchains because its hashing consists of two secure hashing algorithms i.e. Keccak and Skein. Compared to Bitcoin (256 bit Hash), Nexus hash is 1024 bit. Nexus can be generated by three methods i.e. Hashing-the user runs the code, Holdings-proof of holding rewards and Dense Prime Clusters-Work done by miners. These features of Nexus makes it one of the secure, efficient and scalable blockchain network.

Nexus was founded by Colin Cantrell, who is also the current chief software architect at Nexus. The board consists of 10 other members. There are 8 core developers at Nexus and three advisors including Steve Beauregard who is Partner and Chief revenue officer at Bloq Inc.

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Nexus Markets

Nexus Frequenty Asked Questions

Where does Nexus (NXS) rank among in terms of popularity? How relevant is it compared to competitors?
In terms of popularity, Nexus currently ranks in position 705 out of the top 1000 cryptocurrencies. Another important factor in popularity is Nexus‘s market capitalization – in general, the higher the market cap of a cryptocurrency, the more dominant it is considered to be in the market. Nexus has a market cap of $ 48,923,600, which compares to Bitcoin (the most popular cryptocurrency by several metrics) with a market cap of $ 1,038,752,104,502, Litecoin at $ 13,599,388,976, Ethereum at $ 489,640,521,305, Tether at $ 74,109,813,356, and XRP at $ 45,050,637,824.

What is the price of Nexus (NXS) today (updated in realtime)?
The current price of Nexus is $ 0.554218 in USD. (The price in Euros is 0,493090 ; and the price in Bitcoin is Ƀ 0.00001008 BTC.)

How has Nexus (NXS) performed recently?
Nexus‘s price has increased in the last 24 hours by 3.16%. The change in price over the last seven days was -0.58%. The trading volume over the last 24 hours was $ 1,327,812. Trading volume indicates how many units of a currency are being bought and sold on specific exchanges. High trading volumes are likely to drive more on-chain activity, for example when people deposit and withdraw funds, and it is considered a good indicator of popular interest in the currency.

What is Nexus‘s (NXS) market supply?
The total circulating (available) supply of Nexus is 0 NXS. The total supply of Nexus is 78,000,000 NXS.

What is the 24 hour volume for Nexus (NXS)?
The 24 hour volume of Nexus is $ 1,327,812.

What is Nexus (NXS) official website?
Nexus‘s official website, social accounts, blockchain explorer, and Github repository if applicable.

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