Litecoin is the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap and was an early fork of Bitcoin intended to process transactions faster than its predecessor.  Given the project’s passion for making crypto better, faster, and cheaper, it was only natural that Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation, Charlie Lee, decided to partner with Unbanked to offer a larger suite of financial products to their holders.

Together, we created a custom debit card program that enables Litecoin users to buy, sell, and spend their LTC in the real world, anywhere debit is accepted. Not only did Unbanked help the Litecoin Foundation design a custom card and interface that are natural extensions of their brand, but we also gave them access to our revolutionary financial API technology to help power the product.

As a partner of the LItecoin Foundation, Unbanked was able to walk the project through all the necessary steps needed to achieve legal and regulatory compliance in the United States, where the debit card is currently available. The team continues to work with the project and proper governing bodies to expand Litecoin’s offers globally, with Litecoin Wallet integration on the way.

Custom Designed Card and Branding

The Litecoin branding is instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with crypto. We wanted to honor that with a sleek, white, minimalist card and interface that users would instantly recognize.

Access to Our Financial API Technology

Our proprietary financial API enables Litecoin to easily scale with their userbase, eliminating some of the growing pains that can plague companies as they mature.

Regulatory Compliance and Assistance

We think of compliance upfront instead of treating it as an afterthought. That’s why we made sure to dedicate our team of compliance and legal specialists to Litecoin’s debit card program, ensuring they were able to get off the ground quickly and efficiently.

Crypto in the Real-World, Made Simple

With Litecoin’s debit card program, LTC holders are able to buy, sell, and send crypto n real-time. The best part is that token holder’s money remains in LTC until the point of sale, meaning users can stay in crypto until they purchase versus those “other guys” that make you cash out to FIAT before you can use your money.

A Partner Every Step of the Way

Unbanked isn’t just a company that furnishes a product for your project or company, we’re a true partner that helps and guides you every step of the way so you can rest assured that you’re offering token holders a product your company can be proud of.

Are you ready to take your project to the next level and start offering your token holders more utility and flexibility with their currency?

Unbanked will be winding down — for more information, please read the latest update.
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