5 Best Play-to-Earn Crypto Games: Have Fun & Earn

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Play-to-earn or PTE cash games are still growingly popular. Players can earn rewards through game skills, knowledge, expertise, and even chance. Who doesn’t want to make money while having fun? Recently available is the new addition of online cryptocurrency games. Earning crypto while you play games might be the evolution of PTE games in the future. 

What is Crypto?

You might have recently heard the term “crypto” in the media. Or maybe Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin has come up in conversation. There are just a few of the many cryptos, also known as cryptocurrency or digital coins. Crypto is a digital currency designed to be a medium of exchange through computer networking that is not reliant on the government or banks to maintain it. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be used as investments or for online purchases. One can exchange real currency to buy these forms of digital tokens or “coins” for future investments. 

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Since Bitcoin was launched over ten years ago, cryptocurrencies have expanded exponentially. As of March 2022, there are over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, though only a few have gained dedicated communities and investors. These types of crypto rely on blockchains, where recorded transactions made in digital coins are maintained across several computers linked to a connected network. A large majority of crypto remains digital or completely intangible. However, the few cryptocurrencies succeeding have even crossed over into the real world via credit cards and other physical endeavors. 

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What Does Play-To-Earn Games Mean?

Play-to-earn games reward players with digital cash or non-fungible tokens. An array of gaming genres that use cryptocurrency to reward you with something that has value IRL and value in the virtual world. In recent years, these blockchain-backed games — P2E — have increased in popularity, with each platform boasting its own form of crypto to pay participants for their continual play and time commitment.

In the PTE metaverse, in-game assets are distributed among players, which is good for the player and promotional for the game developers. People love gaming and entertainment, mix that with the possibility of earning money, and PTE-type games will soar to the top of the most downloaded list

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The Best Crypto Games

Earning NFT (non-fungible tokens) that have real-world value while having a blast is one of the primary reasons play-to-earn games like Alien Worlds have recently been trending. So which games are the best to download when wanting to experience this Play-to-earn online experience? Have fun and earn with ease with these five best-rated PTE games and start earning your crypto today! 

Alien Worlds

Seek your fortune in Alien Worlds! Trillium is the official cryptocurrency of this futuristic free-to-play sci-fi adventure PTE game. A player can use the Trillium token to trade NFTs with other players or win battles and other missions. Players will also need land space, tools, and Trillium deposits to begin

Imagine you are playing the role of a space explorer and are ready and equipped with your mining tools. The minerals you mine from these planets are the game’s unique form of cryptocurrency, Trillion. Mine your way through the planet discovering items and dig your way to becoming a trillium-naire, upgrading as you move through the game. Get more for owning land that others can mine with you. The more you invest and upgrade, the greater the odds are of winning real crypto. The bigger your stash of Trillium, the bigger the chance of selling them on an external exchange for other types of crypto like Bitcoin.

The Sandbox

Remember growing up, the freedom of creating in your local sandbox at the park with friends. This blockchain-based game lets players build, craft, and survive in an open concept platform. Imagine a giant sandbox with cubed Minecraft-like graphics. Users in The Sandbox can buy land and SAND —a form of non-fungible token — to build a house or even construct your castle

You can set off on adventurous quests to earn in-game currency. Combining creative skills with strategic ones will ensure your survival. The more items players build, the higher the level they can reach. Create your own world and earn cryptocurrency while you build it. Your assets in the sandbox might just make you profit in the real world. 

Blankos Block Party

Welcome to the wacky world of Blankos Block Party! This game is a multiplayer party platform full of fun where users can play mini-games and complete quests to collect Moola, the in-game currency. Or buy Blanko bucks. It’s styled like a vast, colorful block party, focusing on art and design and collecting and customizing Blancos (imagine digital dress up for dolls). Currently, the game features some pretty fun shooting, racing, and collecting games.
The things you earn and buy in this game are yours to own or sell later. Each Blanko is an NFT which means they hold a value and can be sold in the marketplace. The developers continue to add items, toys, and accessories to let you build a party all your own! These in-game items and unique Blancos can be sold online for cash or crypto.

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Star Atlas

Like the others, Star Atlas is an astronomy-based, strategy PTE game where users can explore space and trade NFTs of planets, stars, and other items. Each planet or star has distinct features, making them all one-of-a-kind. Players can also discover new worlds by traveling around a vast virtual galaxy. Star Atlas is an ever-growing blockchain game where you can earn two types of coins, ATLAS and POLIS


Game of Silks, one of the blockchain’s up-and-coming PTE Royalty. Game of Silks proposes to bring thoroughbred horse racing to the masses via Web3 technologies. Over 10,000 Silks Genesis Avatars in race suits exist in the Silks metaverse connected to actual racehorses and their data. This game plans to break through the crypto and real-world boundaries. Own horses and stables within the Silk metaverse and “rein” in all the crypto every time you play. 

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Play-to-earn games reward their users with digital cash or non-fungible tokens. Each platform in the metaverse boasts its own unique form of cryptocurrency to pay online gamers to play. The idea that playing and earning will then lead to real profit is exciting and a winning concept that is getting gamers’ attention around the world. Play on, players! 

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