The Bankers NFT Collection

Unbanked has commissioned a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain from the successful NFT artist, Antoine Mingo. Antoine Mingo is the digital artist behind Pudgy Penguins and now the Bankers NFT collection. His last NFT drop reached a market cap of over 12,000 ETH with select pieces selling for 130 ETH

Learn more about Antoine’s creative process, what went into creating the Bankers NFT Drop, and where things are headed in the future.

Owning a banker gives you ownership of a rare digital collectible but comes with added benefits

Free lending/borrowing access

Owning a “Banker” NFT will give you free lending/borrowing access on the UNBNK protocol for life. Learn more at

Shared IP Rights

Ternio LLC ( will retain all rights to all Bankers in order to ensure freedom to create value and grow the ecosystem in the future. This includes collaborating with other brands, partnerships, licensing, etc. When an individual purchases a Banker, the IP also transfers over with any rights or licensing of the intellectual property to the new Banker owner. This allows that asset holder to monetize it’s ownership of the Banker however they want until the Banker is transferred or sold to another party.





dropped to existing TERN/UNBNK holders* + Banker marketing tasks


allocated to public sale dutch auction


allocated to Unbanked team members


We’re targeting a Mid-December drop, but that is subject to change.

The Bankers drop will be similar to a dutch auction. This means we will solicit bids and start with the highest bid first to initiate the Banker sale. The price will continue to decline until all Bankers are sold out or the floor price is reached. The starting bid and floor have not been announced yet and we will be asking for feedback from our community in UNBNK Discord on this. Please join and share your thoughts.


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