Announcing the Launch of – A New Lending & Borrowing Protocol

Today we’re pleased to announce the next leg of our journey with the launch of the website.  As many of you know, the Unbanked team has committed to supporting the DeFi ecosystem over the past few months.  We have told many of you about our upcoming self-custodial wallet and today, we are announcing our intention to build a DeFi protocol for NFT collateralized loans as well as cryptocurrency swaps.

The UNBNK website will operate under the same acronym as our digital asset.   It will serve as the destination for Unbanked’s DeFi products as well as information regarding our digital asset. As a reminder, there are two native versions of UNBNK on Ethereum and Stellar.   The Ethereum based version of UNBNK will be used on due to the smart contract functionality.  The Stellar version will remain the asset used on our card products. 

Stellar UNBNK 
Ethereum UNBNK 

Learn more about the TERN > UNBNK swap.

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DeFi Protocol for NFTs is designed to connect peer-to-peer lenders and borrowers by offering an NFT as collateral or offering loans to other NFT holders.  The UNBNK Liquidity Protocol provides a platform allowing borrowers to pledge certain assets, including NFT and digital tokens or coins, for borrowing money from private individual lenders.

Our mission is to empower a global ecosystem of independent borrowers and lenders who can come together to get loans or earn interest on assets they already own. No financial institution is needed. Our peer-to-peer marketplace will provide an avenue that allows borrowers and lenders to come together to participate in a new financial revolution.

DeFi Swaps for Currencies

Uniswap, Sushiswap, and many DeFi protocols are wildly popular, allowing people to swap, generate yields, lend, borrow, and overall leverage a community-driven platform.  We want to offer our community the same, with UNBNK as the center.

To start, the UNBNK protocol will support digital currencies like ETH, USDC, and other wrapped assets like wBTC.  In the beginning, we will only allow white-listed sources to ensure quality and compliance with local regulations but will be expanding over time.

Blending with CeFi

Unbanked already provides FDIC-insured bank accounts in over 200 countries and territories as well as crypto-friendly debit cards with the best crypto rewards program on the market today.   Leveraging our existing infrastructure with this new initiative will give customers a powerful solution to get in or out of crypto as they see fit.

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Unbanked is building a global community focused on powering a network of interchangeable assets with UNBNK at the core. Want to be part of our global community?  Join us at the links below to connect with like-minded people and get early access to next-generation financial assets, blending DeFi and CeFi.

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